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Your labor... your way.
Childbirth Classes

Preparation, knowledge and support are the keys to a satisfying birth experience. Our principal focus is on helping women avoid C-sections by empowering them with the tools they need to reduce pain naturally, speed up labor and take a proactive stance in the labor process.

Custom Private Classes
Custom private classes are designed to meet your specific needs. Topics covered may include the following:

  • The mechanics of labor and birth
  • Effective positioning to promote the baby’s passage
  • Process concerns/desires for upcoming birth
  • Hands-on techniques to comfort and support during labor
  • Time with your birth partner to focus on this pregnancy
  • Massage techniques for relaxation

The sessions will vary in length depending on your needs. Please call 828.231.9337 to set up an appointment.

Hands-On Training for Labor
This session is good for anyone who wants guidance for her birth partner on physical techniques and massage for different stages of labor.

  • Comfort measures
  • Relaxation massage appropriate for stages of labor and pregnancy
  • Visualization/breathing
  • Positions and practice for labor
  • Counterpressure techniques
  • Understanding the pelvis

You will leave this session feeling relaxed and more confident about your tools for labor. The sessions last for 90 minutes and include a portion for relaxing massage. Please call 828.231.9337 to set up an appointment.



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Practical Tools
Understanding labor processes The beauty and power of birth
Effective positioning to promote baby's passage The mechanics of the labor process
Massage techniques for comfort and pain relief Support of birth partners during labor
Relaxation techniques Effective pushing principles
Training and practice for birth partners Complications of labor
Support for writing a birth plan Pros and cons of the epidural

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